Oil Cooled
Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
Heavy-duty, rugged rectifiers for operation under severe conditions
Non Hazardous
Locations (Standard)
Hazardous Locations

The “oil cooled” cathodic protection rectifiers, are recognized as industry leading in quality, workmanship and service life. Many years of field-proven service have led to the superior design of these rectifiers. Conservative equipment ratings, controlled manufacturing techniques, plus many extra features ensure long and trouble-free operation.

Typical cathodic protection applications for the oil cooled rectifier line include severe environmental conditions due to high humidity, dust, or other situations that would shorten the life of a standard air cooled rectifier.

Hazardous location models are used for Class 1, Div. 2, Group D locations and comply with U.L. Standard 698. While similar to the standard oil cooled rectifiers, the explosion proof units are fitted with special hazardous area fittings to eliminate possibility of an ignition source.

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