Air Cooled NEMA 4x Aluminum Watertank Line
Cathodic Protection Rectifiers
Low output, low cost, lightweight cathodic protection rectifiers for
storage tanks and other low DC power cathodic protection applications
maximum 200 watts & 10 amps
The “W” series auto potential controlled rectifier is specifically designed for the Water Tank Industry. Using proven, dependable solid state control boards to maintain strict “Standard On” or “I.R.Free” potentials. Easy read Bright LED Digital meters for accurate readings of volts, amps and potentials. This compact, light weight rectifier can easily be mounted on tank walls or posts by one person.
"IR Free" Potential Watertank
Standard Potential Watertank
NEMA 4x Standard Features
Watertank Line
Watertank Line Optional Features & Dimensions
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